Sorinex Outdoors Cerakote Bar

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The Sorinex Outdoors Cerakote Bar is an all-around barbell. Simplified and perfected performance that you can rely on. One-piece sleeves are pressed, machined and plated for high-performance output and strength. Built to International Weightlifting Specifications. This bar has upgraded bronze bushings & a refined medium knurl pattern. A noticeably positive difference when performing Olympic Lifts. The bar shaft (190K PSI) comes in an OD Green cerakote coating with the Sorinex Outdoors logo and special edition end caps.


sorinex performance bar


   Bar Type                        Olympic
   Weight                           20 KG
   Diameter                       28.5mm
   Sleeve Length              16.5"
   Center Knurl                 No
   Knurling                        Medium Knurling
   Tensile Strength         155k PSI or 190k PSI
   Static Load                   2,000 LB Tested
   Construction                Pressed, Machined, and Plated
   Bushing/Bearing         Bronze Bushings
   Sleeve Finish                Zinc


Sorinex Outdoors Series Bars Spec Sheet

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