Dark Horse™ Rack

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The Sorinex Dark Horse rack is our most economical rack offering, made to fit your budget while still offering the same innovation, quality, and attachment options as our Base Camp and XL Series rack lines. Appropriately named, the Dark Horse rack boasts a compact design with extreme versatility. Add plate storage, custom arch logos or our industry leading rack attachments to make this rack your own. Built for high schools, private training facilities or garage gym owners. Welded rack sides and a 4-way hole design will stand the test of time. The Dark Horse rack offers a durable, affordable and safe Sorinex training system.




   Tubing                                      3" x 3"
   Standard Depth                     36.5"
   Depth w/ Plate Storage       58.88"
   Width                                        47"
   Height                                      89.6"
   Material                                   11 Gauge Steel

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