The Base Camp™ Series is a fully customizable rack. They are built individually and made to order for you and your athletes specifications. Due to the infinite amount of possiblities that a Base Camp Rack can be, we quote out each order just for you.

This means exactly what you hoped. All made to order items are actually made to order. They aren’t sitting around in a warehouse for months, when your order is put in is when we start fabrication.

When you click the reserve now button at the bottom of a Made to Order product, one of our Solutions Specialists will contact you and guide you through our Made to Order process. We make sure your equipment is tailored to you and your athletes’ needs. If you have want to talk to someone immediately, please click the chat button located in the bottom right and our Customer Service Representative will be right with you.

Branded is your choice of colors and logos on your facility design. Whether it is on your rack, flooring or anywhere else in your weight room we will make sure everyone knows it is your room. Custom is a hand-built solution from start to finish where we ask you the right questions to co-create a one of a kind solution and product. Our design process begins with a strong understanding of your needs and vision. Together with your dedicated Solutions Specialist and Designer, we analyze and brainstorm various concepts to ensure maximum potential. We will bring your concept to reality through a series of in-person and remote planning sessions where you will have the opportunity to view your room in 3D digital renders and virtual reality.

All of our products are made to order, and because of that fabrication times can be longer. Depending on product scope, fabrication time may vary.

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. We ensure proper fit-and-finish with every install from the moment our first truck door opens until we tighten your last 1" Cold-Rolled Steel Bolt. Every thought, design, weld, and detail is brought to reality during this process. Your Solutions Specialist will be present to ensure our LEGENDARY standards. Whether it is new construction, remodel, or simple replacement, we work directly with architects, builders, and administration to ensure satisfaction.

Clean rack regularly, especially after working out. Use a environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable cleaner (i.e. Simple Green) for best results. Equipment should NOT be left outside unless it was created to do so. Check Safety Accessories (J-Hooks, Safety Straps, and Spotters) before use, contact us immediately if anything is unusual or broken. If you have any questions on how to use a specific piece of equipment, please contact us via phone or email to ensure proper use.

Sorinex Exercise Equipment Inc. (Sorinex) offers a Lifetime Warranty on all structural steel material, equipment frames, and welding integrity when used as intended as applicable to the original purchaser (non-transferable).
The customer bears the responsibility of contacting Sorinex with the pertinent information as the condition of the equipment. If the issue is determined to be covered under warranty Sorinex will be responsible for replacement of defective products/parts. Sorinex will supply return packaging and shipping or cover on-site labor costs provided by a certified Sorinex Equipment Repair Specialist.

Legally, we are not allowed to use trademarked logos without permission.

This will vary by size. Most items that are available for purchase on the site will be shipped in a box. Larger items will arrive on a pallet. If you have any questions contact a solutions specialist at 1-877-SORINEX

Our racks are built with expansion in mind, all of our attachments are made to be used on our 3" x 3" Base Camp, XL and Dark Horse Racks.