International Shipping


For smaller items that ship UPS Ground direct from our site, we recommend using a package forwarding company. The company will give you a designated U.S. address that we will ship your item to. They will then ship to your location. The shipping costs paid on our site does not cover the shipping from the forwarding company and will need to be paid through them separately. We do not partner with or are associated with any of these companies in any way and will not be held responsible for the delivery after it arrives to the designated U.S. address. Two examples of package forwarding companies are Planet Express and My US.  


For larger products that will require freight we are currently working on solutions and are not able to assist with these at this time. We appreciate your patience as we work towards delivering strength to the world. 

It is the responsibility of the customer to know the rules and costs associated with importing. The prices that we are quoting are just for the equipment. International freight costs from forwarding companies, additional fees, import taxes, etc may apply.  These taxes will be imposed by your country and they are the responsibility of the customer to pay.


*Most of the products available to add to cart on the Sorinex website would be considered small package.