Apex™ Rack

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   Tubing                                              3" x 3"
   Depth                                                36.25"
   2 Cable Column Width                 104.5"
   With Lat Pull Width                      121"
   Cable Column Height                   95.6"
   Lat Pull Height                               101"
   Material                                            11 Gauge Steel


The Apex™ Rack offers more training options per square foot than any other system on the market. Low profile half-rack design with single handle functional cable columns and integrated storage solutions throughout. This is everything the modern training space needs with 25% less square footage than a normal power rack. Training requirements have changed. Large strength and conditioning facility needs are larger than ever. Garage gyms have evolved past a barbell and pull-up bar. Modular, easily shippable and all-inclusive training system that can be customized and fit to almost any room or application. The Sorinex Apex Rack has changed the game. Bring the versatility of Sorinex training systems to your compact commercial space, large facility accessory stations or garage gym.

*Must be properly anchored to the ground.

Low Profile Base Camp Half Rack (1)
Indexing Chin Bar (1)
Single Handle Functional Cable Column (2)
Sandwich Style J-Hooks (Pair)
Full Arch with Custom Laser Cut Logo
Single Bar Storage (1)
Sliding Band Pins (2)
Urethane Utility Pin Plate Storage (6)
Formed and Bent Storage Hooks (4)
Sorinex Stall Bars

Apex Rack

Two Cable Columns

Apex Rack

One Cable Column One Lat Pull

Custom Configurations

Joe Rogan Home Gym

Your dedicated Solutions Specialist and CAD Designer will custom configure your set up to fit any space and budget. Configurations and attachments are unlimited.


An industry leading number of standard gloss and texture color options are included our services. Custom colors can be created and requested for an additional cost. Click on the colors below for more details.


Our iconic 1” Cold Rolled Steel Bolts are available in Bright Zinc or Black Zinc. Color branded washers and other components are available to craft a one-of-a-kind solution.

Sorinex Branded Hardware


To us, Custom means a hand-built solution from start to finish. Every situation is unique. We start by asking the right questions to co-create a one of a kind solution for each client. All of our products are made to order, and because of that fabrication times can be longer. Depending on product scope, fabrication time may vary.


Custom Solutions

Our design process begins with a strong understanding of your needs and vision. Together with your dedicated Solutions Specialist and Designer, we analyze and brainstorm various concepts to ensure maximum potential. We will bring your concept to reality through a series of in-person and remote planning sessions where you will have the opportunity to view your room in 3D digital renders and virtual reality.



We use an unsurpassed quality control process to ensure safety and BOMB PROOF construction. Your gear is tested and inspected at each stage of manufacturing. It is tested by experienced lifters who understand the stress your equipment will be prepared to endure.



We are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction by ensuring proper fit and finish with every install from the moment our first truck door opens until we tighten your last 1" cold-rolled steel bolt. Whether it is new construction, remodel, or simple replacement, we understand that changes happen, and because of the versatility of our gear and people, we are prepared to solve any unexpected challenges during your install to ensure timeliness and ultimate satisfaction.

Branded Examples


Apex Rack Spec Sheet
Standard Colors
Apex Rack Install Instructions

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