Iron Bear Multistorage Unit

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   Tubing                         3" x 3"
   Width                          97.63"
   Depth                          32.5"


The Sorinex Iron Bear™ is the ultimate storage unit. Configurations and options vary from simple dumbbell, kettlebell, and med ball storage to complex anchoring points and one-of-a-kind storage solutions. Heights vary from 4' to 8' depending on your configuration and can accept 3-6 levels of storage trays.

The Iron Bear is built with the same 3x3" materials as our Base Camp™ and XL Series™ racks. Attach a Jammer Arm™ for JˣSquat™ Belt Squats, Cable Columns or Lat Pull/Low Rows, and unique branding solutions. The Iron Bear sides are built with 4 Vertical Bar Storages that can also be used for Landmine™ drop-ins. Attach Utility Pins for Bumper Plates, bands, or weight vest storage. 

Connect your Iron Bear to your rack or rig with a High Bridge, Low Bridge, or Mega Bridge for increased support and versatility. Options are limited only by your creativity. 

Multiple Iron Bear units can also be attached to each other by sharing sides to minimize cost, increase versatility, and maximize floor space. The versatility of this unit is unmatched and can be specifically customized to unique space requirements, branding, or other unknown needs. 

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Iron Bear Spec Sheet
Iron Bear Assembly Instructions

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