Outpost™ Vertical Bridge

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A unique system for space saving efficiency utilizing open wall spaces to create functional training stations. The Sorinex Outpost™ brings the athlete outside the rack allowing them to perform specific movements utilizing various attachments, attachment points, and storage solutions. Attach bands, mobility tools, trigger rollers, PVC pipes or storage solutions to utilize all of the space in your facility. The Sorinex Outpost™ utilizes our industry First 4-Way Hole Design allowing all bars, brackets, and add-ons to be secured in any direction front to back or side to side. 



   Length                      6' Section
   Weight                     36 lbs +
   Tube Size                 3" x 3"
   4-Way Holes            Yes
   Material                   11 Gauge Steel


Sorinex Outpost™ (1) –Textured Black Finish
Wall-Mounted Bridge Ear Connector (4)
Hardware package to connect Bridge & Ears (2)
Mounting Hardware Not-Included.