OD Woobie Hoodie

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Since the 1850s, ponchos have been issued to the Military.  In 1962, they developed  new poncho liners made of nylon synthetic materials that could pack down tight. These liners would replace the standard wool blanket because they were suitable for wet climates. The term “Woobie” came from “would be” cold without it, this was eventually shortened to Woobie. This Sorinex OD Hoodie version of the Woobie is made from the same nylon rip stop quilting and polyester as the blanket. Built to dry quickly and for heat retention.

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Size Guide

Small: Chest-23”, Shoulder to Cuff-21”, Top of Neck to Waist-25”
Medium: Chest-25”, Shoulder to Cuff-24”, Top of Neck to Waist-28 1/2”
Large: Chest-26”, Shoulder to Cuff-25”, Top of Neck to Waist-29”
XL: Chest-26 1/2”, Shoulder to Cuff-25”, Top of Neck to Waist-30”
2XL: Chest-28”, Shoulder to Cuff-25 1/2”, Top of Neck to Waist-31”
3XL: Chest-29”, Shoulder to Cuff-26”, Top of Neck to Waist-32”