Freeze Sleeve™

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Size Guide

   Small                 8"-10" Circumference
   Medium            10"-13" Circumference
   Large                13"-16" Circumference
   XL                      16"-20" Circumference
   XXL                    20"-24" Circumference
   XXXL                  25"-30" Circumference
   Flat Pak            12" x 17" Circumference


Proudly made in the USA. The Freeze Sleeve™ is a revolutionary cold therapy compression sleeve providing relief and recovery to aching muscles and joints. Scientifically designed to provide the recommended amount of cold therapy time without the risk of skin burn or muscle damage.

*DO NOT GET THE FREEZE SLEEVE FLAT PAK WET. Always store the Freeze Sleeve Flat Pak in a plastic bag while in the freezer.



Freeze Sleeve™ Pad Spec Sheet

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