FitFighter Steelhoses

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   5 lb LxW                20"x2"
   10 lb LxW              22"x3"
   15 lb LxW              30"x3"
   20 lb LxW              30"x4"

Sample Movements

This is your new home gym. A dumbbell, kettlebell, sandbag, medicine ball, and sledge in a single tool, Steelhoses and our iOS App training keep you strong and healthy at home.

The ideal jumpstart for your training includes our 10, 15, and 20 LB weights, spanning agility and power applications, endless resistance options and fit for the gym, beach, or basement. We recommend starting with all Mobility exercises in the Movement Library, and begin working with cross-crawl, shoulder, and Climb Circuit movements to build strength fundamentals and metabolic conditioning.

Turn your hose into your ultimate resistance training tool using our brass grommets with carabiners on a cable column or a resistance band.

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