Custom Branded Training Bumpers

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The Sorinex Black Training Bumpers are now available with custom logo/branding. Our Custom Branded Black Training Bumpers set the standard for premium rubber weight plates. Sorinex Training Bumpers (45 LB and 25 LB) have a large steel disc collar with six screws, which securely locked in and integrate with all Olympic sized weightlifting barbells. These bumpers are designed to be used in all-purpose environments, from the collegiate and professional athletic facilities to your private performance centers. Feature your team’s branding, logos, and culture directly into the bumper with up to 4 print colors, included.

Sold Individually. Black plates only.




   Plate Diameter           17.72 in (IWF Standard)
   Hub                                Steel 6-Screw, 10 lb - Steel Insert
   Tolerance                     3%
   Durometer                   Type A 85
   Material                        Premium Rubber
   Warranty                      4 Years


Training Bumpers Spec Sheet