Mono Lift Arms

Economic Rack Attached Mono Lift Solution
Easy Adjust Attachment Point w/ Hitch Pins (included)
UHMW Plastic Inserts (Bar & Rack Protection)

Weight: 18lbs each
Max Length: 28″
Max Height: 23″
Max Width: 4″
J-Hook Depth: 2″
Material: American Steel & UHMW Plastic
Finish: Black Texture Powder Coat
Fits: Base Camp Series | XL Series Racks

Eliminate the need to “walk-out” for your squat or get a “lift-off” in your bench. The Sorinex Mono Lift Arms are rack attached and easily adjustable with our industrial grade Hitch Pins. Laser cut UHMW high-grade plastic inserts protect your barbell and rack. The Sandwich Style J-Hook is 2″ in depth to secure most standard barbells and some specialty bars (Sorinex Ox Bar). As you lift your bar, the Sorinex Mono Lift Arms will automatically move out of the way and secure themselves to the rack until you are ready to re-rack. Always use a spotter when lifting to ensure safety.

Sorinex Mono Lift Arm (2)
Hitch Pin (2)

To ensure safety, we recommend bolting your rack to the floor or wall when using the Sorinex Mono Lift Arms. Call (803) 978-2253 for further questions and additional information.

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