SummerStrong is unlike any other strength event in the world and that uniqueness has been purposeful since the start in 2007. We were tired of political posturing, chest thumping, and sterile meeting rooms with emotionless speakers. We longed for the days of sweat, heart, and passion for the Iron Game - all of the gut feelings that we experienced the first time we laid our hands on iron. We saw a very real need for extraordinary people from different fitness disciplines to share their ideas and techniques, rather than stay within their comfortable, sheltered shell of proficiency.

SummerStrong Weightlifting Conference Brotherhood

On a hot summer day in 2007, Richard Sorin was asked what he would want for his 58th birthday. He quickly replied that he would want, more than anything, to have friends of the Iron Game come to Sorinex HQ for a day of lifting and learning, coaching and sharing, eating and drinking. Before we knew it, 38 people from SC, AZ, TX, OH, and many other states came through the door. Twelve hours later, people went home exclaiming that they had an amazing time and simply wanted more - more of that homegrown uniqueness, that authentic enjoyment of this Iron Game. Eleven SummerStrongs later, in 2018, over 550 attendees rubbed elbows with some of the most renowned coaches and athletes who volunteered to present and compete. SummerStrong has always been a labor of love, and an opportunity to give back to our community. It’s about learning and collaborating. It’s about honoring effort and creating opportunities to grow.

It’s about celebrating strength and the strong.