fort Benning Training Facility


Since 1980 Sorinex has designed and built custom innovative training solutions of the highest standard. Sourcing only American Made raw materials and components, we continue to develop the most durable, functional, and versatile equipment that we back with a Lifetime Warranty. For almost two decades Sorinex has been providing the U.S. Military, Federal Agencies, and First Responders with world class equipment to meet their training requirements.

American manufacturing since 1980, we only source US made raw materials


Sorinex Tactical Training


Our Tactical Applications Group™ has established strong positive relationships through years of streamlined communication with U.S. Military units and Government agencies at all levels of service. Through these collaborative relationships we know that the equipment is only a tool to drive the success of a Human Performance program. We have a team of personnel with direct experience building, managing and developing successful HP programs for mission or task-specific requirements. Our passion is to provide the Government with the solutions they deserve.


Sorinex Tactical Lockers


Sorinex Tactical Applications Group™ is one of the top direct manufacturers of Tactical Lockers for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). Manufacturing hundreds of lockers since 2013, we have achieved a 100-percent customer acceptance rate. All lockers have arrived defect-free and installed as required. Our free standing, totally-configurable framing system is not limited to a set framing that encircles the container. Our solution allows the lockers to be set up in a wider range of locations with a broader training capability than other manufacturers on the market.

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