Low Desk

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   Made in USA           Yes
   Length                      84"
   Width                        84"
   Height                      31"
   Depth                       36"
   Material                   11 Gauge American Steel
   Finish                       Black Texture Powder Coat

"L Design" Modular Office Desk Station
Adjustable Bolt-On Storage Pins & Shelves
Hand-Made Wood Table Top  
Steel Outer Frame Panels
Built for Attachments & Accessories

Utilizing the same 11-Guage 4-Way Hole Tubing technology as our famous racks and gear, the Sorinex Low Desk allows for ultimate office versatility in your home or workplace. Originally designed in 2015 for use inside our manufacturing and office spaces for our own team at Sorinex HQ. The "L Design" offers maximum traditional seated versatility while accepting most all of our patented Sorinex rack attachments. Attach storage hooks, pins, or Trigger Rollers right to your desk. 

Vertical Uprights (9)
Bolt-On Storage Pins (1)
Bolt-On Storage Shelves (2) 
Steel Outer Frame Panels (7)
Hand-Made Wood Table Top (2)
All Necessary Hardware