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   Plate Diameter           17.72"
   Sleeve                           Stainless Steel
   Durometer                   85 +/- 5
   Weight Tolerance       +/- 2%
   Material                        Crumb Rubber
   Fits                                 Olympic and Specialty Barbell
   Warranty                      1 Year Limited
   Made in USA                Yes



Sorinex Recon Bumper 10 LB


Sorinex Recon Bumper 15 LB


Sorinex Recon Bumper 25 LB


Sorinex Recon Bumper 35 LB


Sorinex Recon Bumper 45 LB


The 100% American Made Sorinex Recon Lite Bumper is an official bumper of the U.S. Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT). The innovative crumb rubber formula and manufacturing process creates a tougher and more durable bumper. Bumpers sold individually.

Please Read: Due to the manufacturing process of recycled crumb rubber plates, small blemishes and visual defects may be present. They do not effect the structural integrity or performance of the product.  

Discount codes do not apply to Recon Lite Bumpers.


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