Men's Health Article: The 7 Best Folding Squat Racks of 2023

Men's Health releases article featuring our Sorinex Off Grid™ rack.

can't stand waiting for a rack to open up at the gym but don't have space to fit one at home, you're not alone. What if we told you there's a space-saving solution that won't compromise on the features you want out of quality rack? That's right, you can have a squat rack that folds up neatly against the wall when you're done using it. It's like having a magical disappearing act for your home gym equipment.

So, if you're looking to maximize your space and your gains, you're in the right place. But don't let the compact size fool you–the best of these racks are just as sturdy and effective as their larger counterparts when set up properly.


Sorinex OFF GRID™ Rack

Sorinex Off Grid Rack


Ok, so this isn't technically a 'folding' rack. We know. But it offers the same space-saving solution most people look to a foldable designs for.

The brand spawned this design out of need, as a 'wartime' solution during pandemic gym closures. But now the cost- and space-effective rack is here to stay.

It has a thickness of 3/8" and is made of laser-cut steel. It's compatible with standard Olympic barbells, and is only 13.5 inches in depth. For added floor protection, you can add optional UMHW plastic to the rack's feet.

What's even better? The first two weeks of sales from the OFF GRID Rack were donated to fight COVID-19, so you can know you're supporting a brand who gives back.