“Why are we doing this whole thing? I mean our phones have been blowing up. There are a lot of people afraid. The whole country is afraid. The economy is crashing. People staying home, out of their workout routine, unable to relieve stress and unable to stay healthy. We have been receiving calls from everyone in the industry asking who can keep stuff in stock. This is not a normal Sorinex high end custom build rack. It is not the best rack we have ever made. It is a wartime rack. We needed something inexpensive to help us give back and give us the ability to donate to help fight Covid-19 the only way we know how, through innovation.”

Bert Sorin, President and CEO of Sorinex Exercise Equipment

The Off-Grid™ Rack from concept to completion was created in 10 days. With gyms and facilities all over the country being shut down, athletes and the general population are searching for ways to stay healthy and fit while still social distancing, The Off- Grid™ Rack was created as an economical and fast solution for a squat rack at home. With a minimalist design, still incorporating all of the standard functionality, Sorinex was able to create an inexpensive solution for the consumer that can be used almost anywhere.

All of the profits of the Off-Grid™ Rack orders until April 19th are being donated to the Coaches vs. Covid-19 Fund. This is a fund started by Strength Coaches and supported by Strength Companies all over the country. With an original goal of $30,000 they have currently raised $53,989 for the CDP COVID-19 Response Fund.

The Off-Grid™ Rack launched on April 3, 2020 selling nationwide. For the first day, a rack was sold every three minutes, and three days later there is no slowing down. Due to the high demand, Sorinex was able to hire local restaurant employees who have been laid off and use the help of other local manufacturers to generate local business and help with the economy.

About Sorinex

Sorinex is a family owned strength training equipment company and is the most sought after strength brand for professional teams, colleges, high schools, military bases, and athletes looking to build a home gym. Founded in 1980 by school teacher Richard Sorin, they are proudly based in Lexington, SC. Sorinex is recognized as an industry leader with major gym installations across the nation. Their innovations have changed the face of strength training forever, and can be found in almost any serious gym in the world.