UNC Football Strength Coach Brian Hess On Working with Sorinex

University of North Carolina's football strength and conditioning coach Brian Hess, previously the strength coach for West Point, talks about their new weight room and his experience working with Sorinex to make it happen. 

Question: What spurred the need for this room?

Hess: Coach Brown is trying to create the best program he possibly can and give the athletes every tool they need to be successful and every tool we need to win. He asked me what I need to make that happen so I immediately call Sorinex, they draw out a program, and six months later here it is.

Question: What was your main priority when you were building this room?

Hess: As the athletes needs change, I want to have a rack and a room that can grow with the athletes and I can keep progressing them in terms of things that apply to the field, and the Sorinex equipment is exactly what that is. We 100% have the ability to do a full team lift. When we have something that's a bit more coaching intensive, we've got a great coaching lane right down the middle of the room that we'll utilize so I can have eyes on all the guys.

University of North Carolina Weight Room

Question: How was the process working with Matt Thomas from Sorinex?

Hess: Working with Matt is great. I said this is the space I have and these are some of the things I'd like to create from position specific training, and asked him to show me what's best, and he put together an incredible outline for it and worked with me to change things and create some things that are different so I can have exactly what I need for my program. 

Question: What were your initial thought when you walk into the room and see the UNC branding?

Hess: One of the best things is having been staring at that drawing on the computer for 4 months and to open the front door to the weight room and to walk into it has been an unbelievable experience. I love the colors. It's function over form for me, but the form for this room is excellent. It's a bright room with the lighter blue on the racks and I think it's going to bring good energy to the guys. The look will be important to the athlete so it's important to me.


Question: What's your opinion on going through this process with Sorinex?

Hess: Going through Sorinex was perfect for me because I wanted the best equipment. I wanted the most creative pieces of equipment that would allow me to program, and I knew that was exactly what I was getting. It’s the company that's pursuing the most creative ideas, the best training ideas. They’re all lifters, they understand coaching, they understand the collegiate athlete and what I’m trying to do from a programming standpoint. They speak the same language. Getting the rack and the floor all from the same company just made it so much easier, I didn’t have to keep looking for other places, I knew exactly what I was getting and I was getting the best.

Question: Is it a coincidence that you picked 23 racks to go in this room?

Hess: 23 was the number. We could’ve squeezed another rack in but I needed a pit shark so 23 was the number and I’m excited it worked out that way.