XL Series™ 10' Rig

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   Made in USA          Yes
   Depth                      115"
   Width                      71"
   Height                     95"
   Weight                    525 lbs
   Tube Size               3" x 3"
   Material                 11 Gauge American Steel
   Finish                      Black Texture Powder Coat

8' Uprights (6)
XL Series J-Cups (2 Pairs)
Double Chin Bars (2)
Long Double Chin Bar (5)
XL Series Hardware Sets (1") (24)

Use the XL Series 10' Rig for squatting, incline bench press, pull ups, and more. Brand your weightlifting rig with custom colors and logos. Get the most out of your space with the Sorinex 10' Rig. Must be anchored to the floor to ensure adequate stability.

Please call if you need a customized height.


XL™ 10' Rig Spec Sheet