Utility Seat

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   Made in USA           Yes
   Length                     49″
   Width                       12″
   Height                      4″
   Weight                     44 lbs
   Material                  11 Gauge American Steel 
   Finish                      Gloss or Textured Powder 
utility seat


The Sorinex Utility Seat offers modularity and utility for multiple rack attached applications. Step ups, box squats, hyper-extension, eccentric hamstrings, Russian leans, and pendulum hip extensions.  Attach your Utility Seat to Full or Half Safety Bars for use with box squats or step ups. Attach to the front of your rack for a rack integrated wall ball wall. Attach to your Jammer Arms for seated leg presses or dynamic upper body presses. Securely store your Utility Seat vertically within your rack system when not in use. Attach your Utility Seat to Half / Full Spotter Bars and use Safety Straps to control the risk in your training environment. Allow more athletes than ever to train at one station, increasing the carrying capacity of your facility.

Upgrade to a 2-Bar Utility Storage for integrated barbell and hitch pin storage. These types of simple yet versatile solutions give you the most training options per square foot. 

Sorinex Utility Seat (1)
Hitch Pins (2)


Utility Seat™ Spec Sheet