Triphasic Bars™

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   Length                     46"
   Width                       3"
   Height                     26.75"
   Weight                     32 lbs
   Tube Size                3" x 3"
   Material                  11 Gauge Steel


Inspired by the innovative training book, Triphasic Training by Cal Dietz and Ben Peterson, the Sorinex Triphasic Bars are another Sorinex Original and industry first. There are three phases to Triphasic Training: Eccentric, Isometric, and Concentric. It is widely considered one of the most scientifically advanced methods used for explosive power and strength development. The Triphasic Bars are used in the third, Concentric, phase of training.

Primarily used for over speed banded plyometric jumps, the bars can also be banded to Jammer Arms for dynamic push/pull movements. Utilize them as high attachment points for TRX straps, rings, heavy bags, and more.

Triphasic Arms (2)
Adjustable Loop Handles (2)
1" Cold Rolled Steel Bolts (4)

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