Top Squat

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   Handle Length           22.5"
   Width                            36.5"
   Weight                          14 lbs


The Dave Draper Top Squat is perfect for back and front squatting when you have limited range of shoulder mobility or an injury to work around. Start by letting the arms hang down, find a comfortable grip and back position, and lift the handles up as you perform a squat. The Top Squat allows you to perform traditional squats with safer shoulder positioning.

"How can I squat when I can’t hold the bar? This was my big dilemma in 2004. There were others that year, of course, but in the gym, that was the biggie.

I designed the Top Squat for myself when squatting was no longer possible due to a shoulder injury and the resultant limited range of motion. It’s a simple device that slips onto a barbell, offering out-stretched handles to hold and control the bar. That’s it, just handles.

Imagine the bar on your back in your favorite position, and 15 inches before you is a pair of rigid handles to grasp, eliminating the need to situate your hands behind your shoulders to stabilize the bar. Unnatural strain and unbearable pain are no longer an issue. Just squat with confidence. One set and you’ll know.

Position the stout unit, make it snug with the Velcro straps for the first set or two until you’re confident, grasp the sturdy handles, assume your favorite stance and squat. Same as always, down and up, yet your hands and arms are comfortably before you, not awkwardly behind you.

There’s more. Throughout your squat pathway, you’re able to raise or lower—finesse—the handles to advantageously position the bar and thus improve your squat form. You can specifically target muscle engagement and move more weight by your own free, available and uncompromised power."

-Dave Draper



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