Tomahawk Bar

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Introducing the Sorinex Tomahawk Bar, a premier chest pressing bar crafted in collaboration with Josh Storms, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach of Florida State Football. This innovative bar, aptly named the Tomahawk Bar, is designed to elevate chest pressing workouts with superior stability, comfort, and functionality.



Improved Stability: The cambered drop design offers superior stability, enhancing the effectiveness and safety of chest pressing exercises.

Customization: The adjustable chest pad allows for personalized board pressing, catering to various training needs and preferences.

Comfort and Safety: Dual knurled angled handles ensure a comfortable grip and prevent knuckle injuries, even for users with larger hands.

Equipment Protection: Thoughtful spacing design ensures the bar does not damage racks or j-cups, extending the lifespan of your training equipment.

Enhanced Performance: The innovative design, resulting from collaboration with a leading strength coach, ensures optimal performance and results for athletes.


   Length               88.16"
   Depth                 9.5"
   Height                9.75"
   Weight               60 lbs
   Sleeve                2" Dia., 16" Length


Tomahawk Bar Spec Sheet

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