The Bulldog™ Pad

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This patent pending rack attached chest supported row can be utilized for rows or flys using a barbell, dumbbells, Center Mass Bells®, kettlebells, sandbag, or cable machine. This unit has four adjustment angles and can support arms, legs, head, or back for added stability during a multitude of pressing and pulling movements. Space saving design compared to stand alone chest supported row machine. The Bulldog Pad comes standard with black/black naugahyde upholstery. Custom colors available.

Upgrade your Bulldog™ Pad with the patent pending Hang Row attachment for a plate loaded pendulum row with integrated bar storage.

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Optional Hang Row Attachment

Landmine Dimensions
Landmine Dimensions

Sample Movements


   Pad Length                12"
   Pad Width                  8.5"
   Pad Thickness          2"
   Depth                         27.37"
   Height                        12.29"
   Includes                     Bulldog Pad (1), Hitch Pin (2)
   Pad Material             Double-Stitched Premium Naugahyde
   Steel                            3/8"


The Bulldog™ Pad Spec Sheet

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