The Ballistica

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   Made in USA                        Yes
   Length                                  24"
   Width                                    4"
   Weight                                  10 lbs
   Color                                     Black
   Fits                                        Olympic Plates
   Strongman Category       Throwing Equipment
   Material                               11 Gauge American Steel
   Finish                                    Black Texture Powder

The Sorinex Ballistica meets the needs of strength athletes who need portable, adjustable weight throwing aids. The Ballistica can be used as a 14 lb Women's weight, 28 lb Men's Lightweight, 56 lb. Heavyweight or Weight Over bar (WOB). It can also be converted into a Throwing Hammer by attaching the included chain or used as a Hungarian Core Blaster by attaching various handles to the included Carabiner clip.


Ballistica Spec Sheet