The Back Attack™

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The ultimate hinge machine, new Sorinex Back Attack is an evolution of the original design created over 2 decades ago. The original Sorinex design became the secret training tool in some of the strongest gyms in the world. These are owned and used weekly by multiple World's Strongest Man winners, World Record Holders in Powerlifting, and National Championship Football teams. In 2000, Richard and Bert Sorin alongside Olympic Medalist Lance Deal, innovated a way to safely strengthen glutes and hamstrings without risk of injury to their arms and shoulders. Similar in movement pattern to a Good Morning, but with both inverse as well as similar load parameters, the Back Attack increasingly loads the posterior chain as the movement is performed. NO OTHER MACHINE OR BARBELL EXERCISES DOES THIS. Plate loaded with band attachment options for maximum versatility.

We, and many other athletes / trainers have attempted to recreate what the Back Attack does for many years. We failed. We could only make the Back Attack unit itself better. This unit is stronger, has 225% load capacity of our previous models, and has a patent-pending dual-load variable to created multiple resistance profiles. There is no substitute. This is the king of the posterior chain.

Current Product Lead Time is Approximately 12-16 weeks.


Sample Movements


   Depth                             51"
   Width                             82"
   Height                            82″
   Weight Stack                Plate Loaded
   Upholstery                    Double-Stitched Premium Naugahyde

"The Back Attack became one of my most important assistance lifts when I was at Liberty. We used the Back Attack more than the Glute-Ham Raise and the Reverse Hyper put together and I love those exercises. During my time coaching at Liberty we had 22 football players clean over 400 pounds and 3 lifting over 450. In one season one year we had 83 players on the team that cleaned 300 or more. I believed in the Back Attack so much that we had 6 Back Attacks and I wish that I had 4 more. For the posterior chain I think it is clearly the best piece of equipment that you can buy."
-Bill Gillespie
Current World Record Holder in Bench in a drug tested meet with 1004.2 lb, Former Liberty University and Seattle Seahawks Strength Coach.


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