Tendo Power Analyzer

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   Length                                       12"
   Width                                          4"
   Material                                     Plastic/ Aluminum
   Color                                           Black, Yellow
   Bluetooth Compatible           Yes
   Computer Compatible           Yes

Tendo Power Analyzer Measures and Calculates

  • Average Power, Partial Average Power, and Peak Power (for Power training)
  • Peak Velocity = for Olympic lift exercises
  • Average Velocity = for Velocity Based Training
  • Peak Force = for Rate of Force Development
  • Eccentric Average Velocity = for different training goals
  • Recovery time = for endurance training
  • Rest time between reps or sets
  • Percent value of the best repetition on each rep

Adjust audio signal limits based on your training range and cut off values
Shows number of repetitions made
Memory for 500 reps
iButton – the built-in RFID-like reader (for automatic athlete recognition)
Magnetic fastening
Built-in Battery Charger

Why is the Velocity Based Training so successful?
It brings feedback, and the feedback brings the quality into your training. However, reliable feedback needs reliable measurement, and Tendo Unit offers this quality to you. Tendo Unit makes sure your training is effective, competitive and fun. It’s like a game, so just let the athletes play.
Do not miss this opportunity. The opportunity to unlock the full potential of your athletes. Give your athletes quality, give your athletes feedback, give them Tendo.

Make sure you train for a specific trait which is transferable to your sport.
To ensure this, Tendo unit provides you with data such as velocities and power outputs that were exerted during an exercise. Thanks to the instant feedback from each rep, you will be sure you are training in a range that is specific for the development of your desired trait.


Tendo Power Analyzer Spec Sheet