Saxon Bar

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   Made in USA                        Yes
   Length                                  89"
   Weight                                  44 lbs
   Diameter                              3", 4"
   Sleeve Construction        Welded
   Sleeve Length                    14"
   Bushing/Bearing               Fixed
   Finish                                   Black Texture Powder

The Sorinex Saxon Bar is the ultimate pinch grip bar. Two grip widths to work narrow and wide pinching, taxing not only the fingers but the thumb, as well. A bar that strongman legend Arthur Saxon would have been proud of.

Utilizes a full length grip of 3" and 4" widths
Accepts any standard olympic barbell plate (2")
Compatible with use in a Power Rack for partial movements
Has been used and accepted by Armlifting USA.
Designed in honor of Arthur Saxon’s great lift of a 3" rough Oak Plank.

Spring Collars will not work with non-machined bars.


Saxon Bar Spec Sheet