Sandmine™ Kevlar Sandbag

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   Made in USA             Yes
   Diameter                   16"
   Thickness                  3"
   Material                     XD™ Dupont™ Kevlar®
   Load Capacity          40 lbs
   Handles                      6


Run, carry, throw, or load on your sled to maximize the extreme use capabilities of the Sorinex Sandmine™. Created by the Sorinex Tactical Applications Group (T.A.G.) for efficient and durable daily use. The XD™ Dupont™ Kevlar® design with 6 handles/attachment points and 40lb load capacity is ready for your tactical training needs. Reinforced stitching and YKK zippers make this Sand Mine sandbag ready for the demand of modern day tactical athletes. Flat “pancake” design for stacking on sleds or storage.

Sorinex Sandmine™ (1)

Kevlar® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company used under license by XD Fit™.



Sandmine™ Spec Sheet