Farmer's Walk Handles

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   Made in USA                              Yes
   Length                                        60"
   Weight                                        27 lbs each
   Diameter                                    1.25"
   Strongman Category              Logs, Axles, Hammers
   Material                                     11 Gauge American Steel
   Finish                                          Black Texture Powder

Increase grip, lower body, and lower back strength with the Sorinex Farmer's Walk Handles. The Sorinex Farmer's walk handles are designed for Strongman training and grip strength training.

Farmer's Walks are also a great way to implement strongman training into your WODs. These handles are plate loadable and fit both bumper plates and metal plates.

Most handles are extremely heavy unloaded, making them only work for strongman training. The Sorinex Farmer's Walk Handles, however, weigh in at 27 pounds a piece, making these great to use for both men & women of all levels. Comes in durable Black Texture Powder Coat for increased grip. Note: Spring Collars will not work with sleeve.

Farmer's Walk Handle (1 Pair)


Farmer's Walk Handles Spec Sheet