Short Strength Bands

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   Length             12"
   Red                   Approx 20-25 lbs
   Purple             Approx 40-80 lbs
   Green              Approx 50-120 lbs
   Blue                 Approx 60-150 lbs
   Material          Multi-layered Rubber Latex

Short Version of Standard Strength Bands
Use With Sorinex Attachments

The Sorinex Short Bands are 12″ long, making them excellent for working small muscle groups to the point of fatigue with high repetitions. These bands can be used by beginners for overhead presses and other movements. They’re also excellent for rehab and return-to-play applications.

Do not use this product if you have a sensitivity or allergy to latex.

The Sorinex Short Bands are great for banded movements that are closer in proximity. Eliminate the slack with longer more traditional bands. Stretch, mobilize, add resistance/assitance, or recover.

Sorinex Short Band (2)
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Short Bands Spec Sheet