Sawtooth Isometric Attachment

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The Sorinex Sawtooth Isometric Attachment is a modular training and testing attachment. When Richard Sorin designed and built the first clinical Isometric Mid Thigh Pull (MTP) force tester for Dr. Mike Stone during his tenure at Appalachian State University in the early 1990's, a new era of positional force testing parameters and education was born. Dr. Stone's findings built the bedrock education of force plates utilized against immovable points. Although Sorinex built many of these units over coming years for scientific research, the precision advantage offered by the hydraulic pumps and micro adjustments became an obstacle during quick use in the collegiate training environment.

In the mid 2000's, while working with Duane Carlisle, Sorinex designed the Sawtooth to be utilized in the Base Camp Rack as an efficient method of moving multiple athletes through isometric stress inoculation quickly. The Sawtooth has been used in serious athletic human performance settings ever since. It securely attaches to your Full or Half Safety Bars and the design allows for 1/4" increment adjustments while the Spotter Bars adjust in 2" increments. 


Sample Movements


   Length                     16"
   Height                      6.13"
   Thickness               .38"
   Includes                  Sawtooth Attachment (Pair), 1" Bolts (4)


Sawtooth Isometric Attachment

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