Sandwich Style J-Hook

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   Depth                     10.5"
   Width                      3"
   Height                    10"


HDPE Plastic Inserts (Replaceable)
Laser Cut and Formed American Steel
Custom Color & Logo Options

Replaceable durable plastic inserts increase the longevity of the Sorinex Sandwich Style J-Hooks. The curved design is very intentional. Increase safety and minimize the risk of the bar getting “caught” under a j-hook on the way up, something that can be detrimental. Attach to the front or inside of racks for integrated barbell or specialty bar movements and storage. The Sorinex Sandwich Style J-Hooks utilize our industry First 4-Way Hole Design allowing all bars, brackets, and add-ons to be secured in any direction front to back or side to side. Their posts go all the way through the rack for the utmost security. Older and outdated “Slot” rack j-hook designs do not and can fall out of the rack when hit from underneath. These hooks  come standard on all Base Camp™ Series racks.

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