Safety Straps

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The Safety Straps are another Sorinex Original and industry first. A deep understanding of load angles and force variation sparked this specific creation. The length of the straps creates slack at a very specific angle to absorb maximal load and force. Safer bench, squat, pulls and presses are must-have for the modern day training environment. The Safety Straps are a part of an integrated safety system for a safer training environment and more efficient movement. Micro adjustments via 1” holes allow angled strap positioning to protect your neck while benching. Macro adjustments allow for all pulling and pressing to be performed inside the rack. Increase the longevity of your bars, minimize wear on the knurling and lower the risk in your training environment with our Safety Straps.

Each reinforced nylon strap is rated for 10,000 LBS for a combined capacity of 20,000 LBS. They are a snap to install and adjust easily with one hand. They’ll dampen noise with bar drops, save your fingers while squatting, and last the life of your weight room. No other rack safeties are as easy to adjust. There are no moving parts or gadgets to lose or break. 



   Length                   XL: 42″ | BC: 43" 
   Width                     3"
   Fits                         XL Series Racks, Basecamp Series Racks
   Material                Reinforced Nylon
   Steel                       3/8" Plate
   Includes                Safety Straps (2), Shackles (4), Hardware
power rack safety straps


Safety Straps Spec Sheet