Root Hog™ Sled

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   Length                                                  39″
   Width                                                     22″
   Sled Weight                                         90 LB
   Push Upright Height                         26"
   Lawnmower Handle Length            41"

Reversa™ Bar Technology
Modular Vertical Uprights w/ 4 Attachment Options
Modular Lawnmower Handle w/ 2 Attachment Options
Optional Protective Skid Plate

The Sorinex Original Root Hog Sled is the most versatile strength training sled on the market. The sled base is 1/4″ thick steel plate that is durable enough to be used on anything from asphalt to turf. The Root Hog’s Reversa™ Bar Technology allows for quick and easy change of direction for sled pulls. Includes two removable 26″ push uprights to make changing directions effortless. Also comes with a 41″ long Lawnmower handle, making it great for football pushes. Includes 10′ Cordura Strap with a Carabiner to give you numerous options for sled training with one product.

Root Hog Sled (1)
Sorinex Cordura Strap (1)
Carabiner (1)


Root Hog™ Sled Spec Sheet

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