Pool Cue Style 4-Bar Storage

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   Depth                      6"
   Width                      18"
   Height                     3.5"

Safely store your barbells off the ground
Compatible with Sorinex Base Camp™, XL Series™, Iron Bear Multi Storage Unit or any 3" x 3" Rig with 1" holes and appropriate space. Wall Mounting is also an option with correct hardware.

The Sorinex Pool Cue Style 4-Bar Storage is the best way to safely secure your barbells vertically in your rack or to mount them on the wall. The UHMW plastic layer helps protect your barbell from damage.

*Note: additional height clearance is required above the normal height of your rack. It is recommended that a 16" clearance is needed above the rack, at a minimum. Specialty bars or longer barbells may require more clearance. 

Pool-Cue Style 4 Bar Storage
Rack Mounted Hardware


Pool Cue 4-Bar Storage Spec Sheet