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   Bar Type                        Olympic
   Weight                           10, 15, 20 KG
   Diameter                       25mm or 28.5mm
   Knurl Marks                  Olympic & Power Lifting Rings
   Center Knurl                 No
   Shaft Coating               Bright Zinc or Black Oxide
   Tensile Strength         155k PSI or 190 PSI
   Coating                          Hardened Chrome Sleeve
   Construction                Pressed, Machined, and Plated
   Bushing/Bearing         Bronze Bushings
   Static Load                    2000lb tested

Built to International Weightlifting Specifications
Semi-Aggressive Medium Knurling
Available in Black Zinc or Bright Zinc
Bronze Bushings
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The Sorinex Performance Bar is our favorite all-around barbell. Simplified and perfected performance that you can rely on. Clear bright zinc, one-piece sleeves are pressed, machined and plated for high-performance output and strength. Built to International Weightlifting Specifications. The Sorinex Performance Bar has upgraded bronze bushings & more aggressive medium knurl pattern. A noticeably positive difference when performing Olympic Lifts. The Performance Bar Shaft (190K PSI) comes in either Black Zinc or Bright Clear Zinc coating. Pull, clean & press, squat, deadlift, shrug, lunge and more.

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