Ox™ Squat Bar

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   Made in USA                      Yes
   Length                                92.5″
   Diameter                            1.5″
   Weight                                55 lbs
   Finish                                  Black Texture Powder 
   Sleeve Construction       Welded
   Sleeve Length                   16"
   Bushing/Bearing              Fixed

Stronger/Longer Cambered Bar
Decreased Load On Cervical Spine
10 Degree Bend
Lower Hand Placement 
Perpendicular Sleeve Angle to Ground 

The Sorinex Original Ox Squat Bar was designed to be the best cambered squat bar on the market. Unlike other cambered bars that curve, the specific 10-degree bar bend minimizes cervical spinal loading. The sleeves are fixed and perpendicular to the ground, other cambered bars pitch up causing your body to compensate and tilt forward. It boasts a larger shaft diameter and longer length for increased hand placement options. Natural media blasted finish on shoulder section offers a good bite and holds chalk well, with minimal slippage.


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Ox™ Bar Spec Sheet