Multi-Grip Bar

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   Made in USA                Yes
   Length                          85.5"
   Weight                          50 lbs
   Sleeve Diameter        2"
   Sleeve Length            16"
   Knurling                       Yes
   Knurl Marks                No
   Material                       11 Gauge American Steel
   Finish                            Black Texture Powder

Angled Handles (2)
Vertical Handles (6)
Medium Grade Knurling
Easily Switch from Narrow to Wide Grip

The Sorinex Multi-Grip Bar features 8 different grip locations that allow you to press or pull in a neutral, wide, or angled position. Otherwise known as a “Football Bar”, the Multi-Grip bar is a standard tool in strength programs looking to minimize shoulder stress during bench or overhead pressing movements. The Multi-Grip bar, similar to all Sorinex Specialty Bars, will accept all bumper or weight plates while conveniently storing in your rack, rig, or Iron Bear™ Storage unit.

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Multi-Grip Bar Spec Sheet