Free-Standing MTP Rack

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The isometric Mid-Thigh Pull (MTP) is commonly used to measure maximum strength. When used with a force plate, the athlete should pull the fixed bar at maximum strength for a short period of time to measure numerous rates of force. These measurements will correlate with vertical jump, sprint speed, power and more. A safer and less time consuming substitute for a one rep max test (1RM Test).

The Sorinex Free-Standing MTP Rack is set up to easily adjust for any athlete to use by moving the bar (included) to any one of the 42 different positions. It is made to accommodate a force plate on top of the MTP Rack’s platform. Built to Last with American Made Steel backed with a Lifetime Structural Warranty.

Custom priced and designed in-floor options are available (as shown in custom photos). 


Sample Movements


   Depth                        30"
   Width                        48"
   Height                      50.5"
   Hole Diameter        1.2"
   Steel                          1/4", 3/8" A36 Carbon Steel
   Includes                   MTP Rack (1), Fixed Bar (1)


ISO MTP Rack Spec Sheet

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