Mobility Maker Bench

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   Length                  57"
   Width                    30.5"
   Height                   27"
   Upholstery           Premium Naugahyde Leather


Primary Functions

The Mobility Maker Bench, designed by pro sports mobility coach Dana Santas, is the most versatile training bench ever created. Its durable, fully adjustable saddle and frame provide the support and means for anyone (of virtually any size, shape or ability) to mobilize their entire body without needing multiple pieces of equipment. The MM Bench is essentially the “Swiss Army Knife” of training as it supports dozens of mobility exercises other equipment can’t—while also providing the benefits of a split-squat stand, hip thruster, and roman chair—all in one. Because true mobility is about far more than flexibility, the MM Bench is not intended merely for passive stretching; it facilitates a neutral pelvis position for stabilization, activation, inhibition, and strengthening to increase functional ranges of motion—training you to own your movement potential. The adjustable saddle, moveable utility pins and compatibility with current and future Sorinex attachments and accessories make it fully customizable to create your optimal training set up. Designed to fit seamlessly in any weight room with the same aesthetic as other Sorinex pieces as well as space-saving vertical storage, the frame and pad colors are fully customizable to match team/facility colors.

*Call to request custom colors and logos.


Mobility Maker Bench Movements
Standard Colors