Mighty Mitts™ Pop's Gripper with SpeedPort Socket

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   Length                       17"
   Width                         27.5"
   Height                        23.75"
   Weight                       42 lbs

The Sorinex Original Mighty Mitts Pop's Gripper with SpeedPort Socket is the perfect blend of old school grip training and cutting edge loading parameters makes for an absolute "game changer." Plate loaded grippers will only get you so far, but Richard Sorin kicked it up another notch and made this grip tool band compatible in a multitude of ways, for varied loading. The bands (two sizes included) allow for resistance, even without any plates. The bands accommodate resistance and make it possible for conjugate style grip training!

The Pops Gripper now includes the SpeedPort™ Socket, which is an attachment port for various grip training implements. One attachment is our CrushBooster™, to train for other types of grip strength. The CrushBooster works with the included Bands, making the Pops Gripper the best complete training Gripper on the market.

Easy to transport and load, Olympic or standard plates, this gripper is a close replica of the model Richard trained on in the 70's & 80's on his way to becoming the first man to close a #3 Captain of Crush Gripper.

Pop's Gripper
Short Red Band (1 Pair)
Short Purple Band (1 Pair) 


Mighty Mitts™ Pop's Gripper Spec Sheet