Leg Press

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   Depth                      104"
   Width                      48"
   Height                     60"
   Felt Weight            110 lbs
   Upholstery             Double-Stitched Premium Naugahyde


Over engineered with a diamond plated foot platform, adjustable double-stitched premium naugahyde back pad, six 14" modular urethane utility storage pins, four 16" fixed pin sections for loading, and four band attachment points. The Sorinex Leg Press machine uses resistance weight to target glutes, quads, calves, and hamstrings. Using this machine instead of traditional squats for leg workouts takes pressure off of the back, neck, and knees, and reduces the risk of injuries while still building muscle.

Leg Press (1)
14" Fixed Urethane Utility Pins (6)
*Does Not Include Bumpers or Bands


Leg Press Spec Sheet
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