Landmine™ Home Base

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   Length                    18"
   Width                      16"
   Weight                    40 lbs
   Diameter                2.5"
   Fits                          Olympic Bars

The Sorinex Landmine was originally developed in 1999 to help co-owner, Bert Sorin, train for Hammer throwing. This is the tool that started the Angled Barbell Training craze. The Landmine turns any barbell into a ground based torso trainer, row unit, and is use for other sport specific applications. The universal joint swivel point rotates and swings in multiples axes, allowing a wide range of different movements. Fits Olympic sized bars.

Sorinex Landmine Home Base Original (1) or
Sorinex Landmine Home Base Double Barrel (1)


Landmine Home Base Spec Sheet

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