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Introducing a one of a kind collaboration between two industry leading brands, Exxentric and Sorinex. In 2023, Sorinex was tasked with the challenge of creating a more robust and durable flywheel solution for the University of Alabama Football program. Coach Ballou and staff needed a larger, more robust flywheel training platform for their athletes. Naturally, our first thought was to reach out to the industry leaders in flywheel technology, Exxentric. Together, we were able to create a heavy duty version of the storied kBox.

In flywheel training or isoinertial training, resistance is created through the inertia of a flywheel which is accelerated or decelerated with muscle force. The level of inertia of the flywheel rather than the weight determines the force needed. The principle is equivalent to that of a traditional yoyo device.

The resulting force in a flywheel training exercise depends on a combination of the inertia and the intensity you work with. With a higher inertia, the motion will be slower and more controlled, and your muscle will be able to produce a higher force. With a lower inertia, the motion will be faster which also puts higher demands on skill, balance and technique.


*When adding attachments or making modular configurations from original design, make sure kBox Rack is bolted to the ground.

Sample Movements


   Depth                             36.25"
   Width                             47"
   Height                            95.5″
   Upholstery                    Double-Stitched Premium Naugahyde


Sorinex Kbox Base
Large Flywheel (1)
Medium Flywheel (1)
Hip Belt - Medium - Large
kGrips (2-Pack)
Roller Pad


kBox Rack Spec Sheet

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