JˣSquat™ Low Bridge Package with Pop Pin Storage

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   Made in USA             Yes
   Length                        25"
   Width                          40"
   Height                        27"
   Sleeve Length          16"
   Belt                             Spud Inc Belt Included
   Material                     11 Gauge American Steel
   Finish                         Gloss or Textured Powder 


Introducing the Sorinex JˣSquat™ attachment. An industry first. The first rack attached Jammer Arm belt squat. In the late 2000's, Sorinex introduced the first ever rack attached Jammer Arms that then evolved into the Adjustable Jammer Arms. Attach your JˣSquat™ attachment to fixed or Adjustable Jammer Arms and replace your big clunky belt squat machines with modularity, functional safety, and the most training options per square foot. The J Squat is the most versatile belt squat on the market giving you the most training options per sq. ft. with no platform required. The Sorinex Low Bridge is an integrated system for space saving efficiency between open wall spaces, racks, rigs, or station-to-station. It the athlete outside the rack allowing them to perform specific movements utilizing various attachments, attachment points, and storage between columns, racks or open wall space.


JˣSquat™ Package includes
Low Bridge JˣSquat 19" Anchor Bar
Single Jammer Arm (no handle)
JˣSquat w/ Belt Squat Belt + Speed Hook

*Low Bridge Not Included


JˣSquat™ Spec Sheet