XL Series™ J-Cups

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   Length                 9.5"
   Width                   3.375"
   Height                 10"


HDPE Plastic Inserts
Laser Cut and Formed American Steel with Welded Gusset
Custom Color Options Available

An integrated safety system for safer and more efficient movement with replaceable durable plastic inserts increase the longevity.  Attach to the front or inside of racks for bar function and storage. Attach to Sorinex Jammer Arms™ for integrated barbell or specialty bar movements. The Sorinex XL Series J-Cups posts go all the way through the rack for the utmost security. Older and outdated “Slot” rack j-cup designs do not and can fall out of the rack when hit from underneath. Thus a new proven concept, room for constant growth, change and efficient training time. Forever changed is the “world” available to practitioners of Strength. The Sorinex XL Series J-Cups come standard on all XL Series™ Racks.

Sorinex XL Style J-Cup (2)


XL Series™ J-Cups Spec Sheet