Hurricane™ Machine

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   Length                                                   63"
   Width                                                     47"
   Height                                                    55"
   Max Length w/ Attachments           74"
   Max Width w/ Attachments             90"


The Sorinex Hurricane is a leverage machine that is designed to utilize the many strengths of loaded training while having the safety mechanisms inherent with a machine. Each arm of the Hurricane is designed to be plate loaded with a universal joint attachment that allows each arm to move laterally as well as vertically. Each arm is equipped with a rotating adjustable handle to allow vertical grip as well as horizontal grip and all grips in between. The Hurricane also comes equipped with an adjustable spring-loaded spotter bar for an easy to set up the starting point for any lift. It even comes with utility pins for maximizing banded workouts. As far as leverage machines are concerned the Hurricane is the most current and closest answer infusing the benefits of plate loaded free weight interactions with the safety benefits of a machine and it is made in-house at Sorinex.

Hurricane (1)
Squat Bar Attachment (1)
XL Series Band Pegs (4)

The unit shown in the photo does not accurately depict height of the actual unit.  The video is the correct


Hurricane™ Spec Sheet
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