High Bridge

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   Length                   6', 7', or 8' 
   Width                     3"
   Height                    3"
   Material                11 Gauge Steel

First Rack Bridge Connector
4-Way Hole Design
Laser Cut and Bent 1/2" Thick Steel Bridge Ear Connectors
Variable Length from 6' - 12'
Custom Color Options

The Sorinex High Bridge is a variable length rack connector that can be used in conjunction with a multitude of implements. An industry first. An integrated system for space saving efficiency between racks, rigs, or station-to-station. The Sorinex High Bridge brings the athlete outside the rack allowing them to perform specific movements utilizing various attachments, attachment points, and suspension tools between your Base Camp, XL Series, and Dark Horse Racks. Attach a TRX strap, another batwing bar, pulleys or storage solutions to utilize all of the space in your facility. Keep your athletes in a centralized location and control the risk in your training environment. Allow more athletes than ever to train at one station, increasing the carrying capacity of your facility. The configurations and adjustments are endless. Limited only by lack of creativity. The Sorinex High Bridge utilizes our industry First 4-Way Hole Design allowing all bars, brackets, and add-ons to be secured in any direction front to back or side to side. Thus a new proven concept, room for constant growth, change and efficient training time. Forever changed is the “world” available to practitioners of Strength.

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